Joyetech eVic Product Review

Joyetech eVic ModThe next generation in electronic cigarettes is here.  Joyetech has pushed the electronic cigarette world forward, into the future with the revolutionary eVic.  Complete with a full digital display and upgradeable firmware, this eCig is arguably the most advanced product available.  

I will warn you...this thing is packed with so many features, this review will be lengthy.  If you don't have the patience or just want the down and dirty conclusion, jump to the bottom now.  Otherwise, prepare to emmerse yourself in the wonderful world of voltage, resistance, wattage and arguably the best vaping experience to date.  Normally I test new items for a 7-10 day period, but because of the options and cost (plus I really like the thing), I have been using the eVic as my primary eCig for 6 weeks prior to this review.

My eVic test kit showed up with our regular inventory restock order and it took everything I had to focus on business first and testing second.  Luckily, my business partner/wife reminded me that I should "play with my new toy" after we updated inventory for you guys.  As I have come to expect from Joyetech, the eVic's packaging is elegant and effcient.  An eVic control head, battery tube, rechargeable 2600mah battery, usb cable, wall adapter and manuals make up the complete kit neatly packed.

Joyetech eVic Assembly Assembling the eVic is as simple as unscrewing the bottom cap of the battery tube and inserting the provided 2600mah (yes I said 2600mah) battery and screwing the cap back on.  The eVic control head is already attached, but can easily be removed by unscrewing it from the battery tube.  This baby has some girth to it.  2 or 3 times the diameter of an eGo series battery but about the same height.  It's also not the most pocket friendly eCig, but suprisingly not horrible.  I can carry it in my jeans or slacks and have very few issues.  To power the eVic up, just tap the button on the control head 5 (sometimes 6) times and the Joyetech eVic comes to life.  The digital display powers up and displays the Joyetech logo followed by the date and time.  It then attempts to locate an atomizer resistance.  If no atomizer or clearomizer is present it displays a message that no atomizer was found.  If one is present it will display the metered resistance in ohms.  The metered resistance may vary +/- .1ohms as it is being calculated by internal software.  It then takes you to the main display.

This is where all the fun starts.  Joyetech eVic Control Head DisplayBy default the screen will diplay the current number of puffs taken, how many puffs remain at the current voltage, remaining battery life and the current voltage setting.  One of the cool things about the eVic is that you can customize the display to your liking.  I don't personally care about puff counters, so instead I have configured mine to diplay the current resistance and wattage based on my voltage setting in place of the default puff counters.  I will not be going into the specifics of how to change settings and navigate the menu system as that would make this review more of a novel.  These specifics are very well covered in the manual provided and we will be working on producing a user video for those that are a little more visual in their learning.


Joyetech eVic Variable Control

One of the great functions of the eVic is the ability to either adjust the voltage of wattage.  That is correct, you now have the option to have variable voltage or variable wattage.  Each are adjustable in .1 changes for ultimate control in your vaping experience.  To move the voltage/wattage up or down, twist the spring loaded ring located at the bottom of the control head to the left or right and watch as the display shows your new setting.


Ok, so I know what a lot of you are saying...enough with all the voltage, wattage and resistance mumbo jumbo.  You want to know how this thing vapes.  One word for you...AWESOME.  With an eGo and 510 connection, I was able to attach a multitude of atomizers, clearomizer and tanks to the eVic and it handled all of them with ease.  Consistant power output meant steady vaping all day long and with a 2600mah battery, I can get anywhere from 12 - 24 hours of use depending on resistance and voltage settings before it needs a recharge.

Joyetech eVic Charger Connection

Charging the eVic is done via a micro usb connection located on the control head.  This is where I started to lose some of my lovefest with the eVic.  Opening the charging door can be a bit a pain.  Not a deal breaker, just annoying until you loosen it up a little.  The other issue that I have with charging the pass-thru function (UPDATED - READ HERE).  Hard to believe that Joyetech overlooked this seemingly easy option, but you can not use the eVic while charging via the usb connection.  In it's defense, you can purchase a secondary battery and swap them, but still a negative for me.  I really like the pass-thru option that the eGo-C and eGo-T Pass-thru batteries offer.

That brings me to the last topic before I wrap this up, updating the eVic.Joyetech eVic - MVR (My Vapor Record)  You got it, the eVic has firmware (think iPhone updates).  Joyetech can make software adjustments for the eVic and make them available to customers without having to replace the control unit.  I really like this option (lovefest back in effect) because it future proofs my purchase for some time.  All you have to do is install the MVR (My Vapor Record) software on your computer, plug your eVic in via the same cable you charge with and MVR will check your firmware and give you the option of installing any available updates.  Super easy and really cool function.  MVR also allows you track your vaping habits like how often you use certian voltages, how many puffs you took on a certian day as well as a whole host of settings options.  Again, I wont elaborate on MVR, as there is a seperate manual in the kit just for MVR.

For those that are looking for all the bells and whistles and want to take advantage of future upgrades via easy to install firmware upgrades, stop reading now and order your Joyetech eVic, you wont regret it!


  1. Ultimate control of your vaping experience with variable voltage and wattage.
  2. Long lasting 2600mah battery
  3. Updateable firmware for future updates from Joyetech
  4. eGo and 510 connections for multiple atomizer and clearomizer options
  5. Full digital display with a complete menu system for customization
  6. Automatically detects resistance of atomizers and clearomizers.


  1. Size - some people will be turned off by the size
  2. Lack of pass-thru function

Summary:  Easy enough for a first timer to use and packed full of features for those veteran vapers, the Joyetech eVic has something to offer everyone.  That is not to say that the eVic is for everyone.  If you are still using a flip-up cellphone and don't know what texting and Facebook are, this might not be the right eCig for you.  Not because it's complicated to use, but you are not likely to use the options available and you are probably better suited for an eGo-C or eGo-T starter kit.  Hopefully Joyetech will release an update that makes pass-thru vaping possible while charging the eVic as this is the only major problem I have with it.  But with a solid day and half of usage on average...maybe I'm just being too picky.

Eric Smith
Eric Smith


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June 03, 2013

when it is connected to the computer click the evic on button 5 times like toturn on then it charges and pass thru function works….hope this helps

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