New Kanger EVOD BCC MT Clearomizer

Kanger's EVOD BCC MT Clearomizer is a vapor workhorse.  Well constructed, visibly appealing and man does it pump out some vapor.  The bottom coil design is very different from it's top coil cousin, the CE4 Plus CC Clearomizer, but one thing holds true...Quality and Performance.
At first glance you will notice the most obvious difference from the CE4 in that the EVOD is a clearomizer with a thin metal cover and 2 cut-out windows.  This allows for maximum protection of the clearomizer cartridge, but still allows you to keep track of your eJuice level.  It also provides the opportunity for vibrant color options instead of the muted colors of the CE4.
The black removable mouthpiece is replaced by a stationary, clear, hard acrylic mouthpiece.  This is because, now the base of the unit unscrews to allow for refills.  When you remove base, you will see the most important change, the coil and wick is screwed into the base.  It is easily unscrewed for easy replacement of the coil unit.  When filled with eJuice and screwed back together the wick is completely submerged in juice, ensuring proper and constant wetting.
The big vapor that this clearomizer puts off is largely due to the bottom coil design.  The other big factor is the horsepower of the stock 1.8ohm coil.  With constantly, soaking wet wicks and only 1.8ohms of resistance, this thing was bound to pump out huge, billowing clouds of vapor.  It should also be noted that the flavor shines through better than any clearomizer I have ever used.
This design, like every other atomizing unit on the market today, is not with out flaws.  With the wick completely submerged, airflow is paramount.  If the draw is too tight, the vacuum created will cause more juice to flow into the coil pack than can be vaporized.  Anyone that has been vaping for awhile knows that excess liquid has to go somewhere.  In this case, it will pool in the battery connection and then up the airflow tube.  While this will not damage the battery or the clearomizer, no one likes to clean up eJuice less than I do.  All of this can be avoided by ensuring that you have smooth airflow.  
Kanger has made this fairly easy, but it may take a couple shots to dial it in.  The EVOD does not have to be screwed all the way down to work.  As a matter of fact, it works best if you don't.  I found that thread depths on batteries and atomizing units vary so it may be different from battery to battery.  Play with it a bit and find the right spot for you.  If you know you draw hard, than make sure you have more airflow to compensate.

  1. Intuative and appealing design
  2. Very sturdy, quality construction
  3. Amazing vapor production
  4. Great flavor
  1. Filling from the bottom takes some getting used to
  2. Tight draw can cause leakage
Summary: The Kanger EVOD BCC MT is a great clearomizer that produces wonderful flavor and huge clouds of vapor.  The tinkering with the airflow may turn some folks off, but those that are willing to climb the learning curve will be rewarded with an amazing vaping experience.

Eric Smith
Eric Smith


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February 19, 2013

Just got my evod earlier and gave it a test run…wow…nice vapor, easy to fill, no leaks or condensation so far (i keep mine loose due to my long draws) and looks nice. Spot on with that review yall!

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